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  • Artist NameKEN SERIOUS
  • Style of MusicREGGAE/HIPHOP
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  • InfluencesTONY REBEL
  • Sounds LikeTONY REBEL

Born, Kenton Emanuel Mathews on Sept 8th in the Parrish of Manchester, Jamaica. Ken was raised in Pratville district, Manchester and Farquhar beach, Parrish of Clarendon. As a child, Ken attended Milk River All Age School, Yorktown Primary, and then went off to attend the prestigious Ad Astra Academy in Clarendon. Ken was introduced to music at an early age, and he performed his first song at a ‘festival contest’ in Yorktown where he wowed audiences with his strong vocals and live performance .Ken began listening to sound system cassettes and reggae artists Breigiedeer Jerry, Necodemus, and Charlie Chaplin. However, Ken’s first musical influence came from his parents. His mother sang background vocals for featured artists at local concerts in the Jamaica concert arena, and his father was a ‘banjo’ and ‘guitar ‘player for a local reggae band. Ken has been spreading the positive vibes and spiritual world through his music for over 20 years in the reggae genre. His name was ‘Captain Kenterus’ during his first single release ‘Gone A Sea’ in 1987 on the Skeng Don label . By the mid 90’s Ken joined Tony Rebel’s ‘Flames Crew’ productions where he released follow-up single’s ‘A Rob We Get’ and ‘Weapon Of Perch’ . Since then, Ken went on to work with ‘Star Trails’, ‘Studio One’, and Coco Tea’s ‘Roaring Lion’ label. Hence, Ken is one of the founding members of the Rebel Salute; an annual music celebration festival held in Jamaica. In 1994 Ken got his first big stage debut when he performed on stage at the ‘Earth’s Vibes Festival’ at Forth Clarence Beach; a tribute show to honor the return of legendary musician, Garnett Silk. Tony Rebel’ introduced Ken Serious to the crowd to perform two of his original songs, and the rest is history. The fans were up on their feet and chanting for ‘more’. Needless to say, Ken was well received. To date, Ken has worked with a plethora of carribbean artists like Cocoa Tea, Bounty Killa, Little Harry, Junior Cat, Cutty Ranks, Captain Barky, Wayne Wonder, Shacka Demus, Ricky Tuffy, Tony Rebel & The Flames Crew & more. In addition to working some of the biggest shows in Jamaica, Ken has performed at Jamaica’s ‘Reggae Bash’ with ‘Irie FM’ The ‘Iron Lion Fest’ in New Orleans, as well as ‘Irie Jamboree’ and the ‘Red/Gold/Green Affair’ in New York City. He went on the ‘Roaring Lion’ tour the Midwest and North America with Cocoa Tea and Louie Culture in 1999 . Ken sums everything up in these words: ” WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER! Only LOVE Can Conquer For ‘Righteousness Shall Cover Thee Earth Like The Water Covers The Sea ” Ken work is not done yet. JAH works is not done! He will be spreading the SERIOUS, SPIRITUAL words and vibes for many years to come through his record label ‘Ken Serious Music’ and affiliate producers. Love & Blessings!

Jamaican reggae veteran, Ken Serious, announces his new single "Rise Above" produced by Golden Kid for Blaza Music Group. Born, Kenton Emanuel Matthews, the Revolutionary DJ singer, is taking his craft to another level with another powerful production, "Rise Above" According to Zebe, CEO of Blaza Music Group out of Brooklyn NY :"The 20-year music veteran has been working night and day in the studio. Ken Serious, raised in Manchester, released his first song, Gone A Sea, in 1987 on the Skeng Don label. Speaking about his new production, the soft-spoken Rastafarian reveals, "This track is a beautiful evolution that the fans will enjoy because it's uplifting and positive and really just an enjoyable song of which I am very proud." Speaking about his introduction to music, Ken Serious further explained, "I grew up in the cool hills of Pratville district in Manchester, where my mother sang at concerts in the community and my father was a vocalist who played the guitar and banjo in a band. So, I would say this music thing runs deep in my veins." Zebe explained Ken's development: "He has been performing for so many years and he takes real pride in his onstage presentation and the best of him is yet to forward. Ken Serious, as his name suggests, is a stern singer who is blessed with a perfect pitch tone who would certainly turn a few chairs on The Voice."