Artist: DJ Golden Kid Da Riddim Assassin
Album: DJ Golden Kid Beatz
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  • InfluencesJackie Mittoo,9th wonder, Sly& Robbie ,DR Dre ,Rza ,Don Coleone Marley Mal, Metro Boomin

Like the man with the Midas touch, almost everything the Golden Kid puts his hands on turns to musical gold. The New York/Jamaica-based producer, recording engineer, and remixer has worked his magic on numerous songs, released by some of the biggest names in music, for well over a decade now. Background The music maestro, whose real name is Jahbula Thompson, also wears the hat of DJ. He has been a top-notch producer with Blaza Music Group since 2005. Over the years, he has built up an impressive collection, producing winning rhythms, ranging from traditional reggae and dancehall to signature R&B &HIP HOP beats. Credits and Skills Through his association with Blaza Music, Golden Kid Da Riddim Assassin’s extensive producing credits can be found on songs performed by both upcoming and veteran artists, including Fred Locks, Empress Idama, Dennis Brown, Allan Kerfew, Ken Serious,& Major Mackeral to name a few. Like his moniker suggests, the Golden Kid has a special knack for creating excellent rhythms and delivering world-class production, which has only become perfected over the years. His range of skills have grown in tandem, mastering various instruments and music making/mixing software, as well as training his musical ear in the process. The Golden Kid’s expertise in music wizardry has attracted top acts from all over the world, including the United States, Jamaica, Ghana, and a number of Caribbean nations. In addition, he has created his own compilations as a disc jockey, lighting up clubs and venues with his electrifying mixes. In short, he is a well-rounded studio professional, who has what it takes to create a winning sound. Beats and Services It is against that backdrop that the Golden Kid is opening up his musical chest to the wider music community, by making his rhythms available to the entire world. With more than a decade of experience producing music for various artists, his experience is on full display. Anyone wanting to set up their songs with memorable, professionally-built rhythms, can trust their music to the genius of Golden Kid Da Riddim Assassin. Whether it is a traditional, lover’s rock reggae beat, pulsating dancehall rhythm, or a trap R&B number, Golden Kid Da Riddim Assassin is able to deliver a sound that exceeds expectations and is sure to attract listeners. What’s more, his beats intersect the sweet spot of high-quality and cost effectiveness. Choose from a long list of pre-recorded rhythms in various genres for all your iTunes releases, mixtapes, demos, and streaming needs, etc. But there’s more; the Golden Kid also offers professional mixing and mastering when you get one of his beats. Making good music isn’t always easy, but with Golden Kid Da Assassin’s beats and services, you can be sure of a world-class sound that stands out from the rest of the noise. Link up!

Contact Person: Zebe Thompson Company: Blaza Publicity Phone Number: (347) 858-1601 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DJ Golden Kid Produces Hip New Track “Bobo Dread” Featuring Renowned Reggae Artists Yami Bolo and Black-I ( Location, DATE) – Bona fide DJ, producer and recording engineer Golden Kid has now produced an electrifying new track “Bobo Dread” featuring popular reggae artists Yami Bolo and Black-I. The track introduces a classic sound that is a culmination of Reggae and R&B sound. Deemed a potential hit, the track has been produced under the label Blaza Music Group and Roots life Records. A spokesperson for DJ Golden Kid made an official press statement to announce the new song release “Here at Blaza Music Group, we are extremely excited to announce DJ Golden Kid’s new genius creation. This new song is going to be a jam this summer and we are very much confident in its potential. DJ Golden Kid has been with Blaza Music Group for over a decade and this new track is a great addition to his commendable and ever-growing repertoire”. The spokesperson further added “Bobo Dread features two very popular and talented artists. Yami Bolo is Jamaica’s Reggae Mega Star and Black-I is Ghana’s Upcoming Reggae Superstar. Both have a large fan following and great career accomplishments as Reggae musicians. We are very proud to have worked with them”. Bobo Dread is stated to be an energetic track filled energy and positive messages. Now available to the masses, the song is a testament to DJ Golden Kid’s innovative genius. He always aims to innovate and provide a fresh take on Reggae music that will be appreciated by young music listeners across the globe. Working from New York and Jamaica both, DJ Golden Kid hand picks the best artists to feature on his track. More details about DJ Golden Kid and the new track “Bobo Dred” can be seen at

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