Artist: Olaf Blackwood/Dillgin
Album: I Need You/Still A Work
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For Immediate Release Dillgin Joins Olaf Blackwood on European Tour Following a stellar year in music with his reggae anthem, Still A Work, Dillgin has started off 2018 with news of an upcoming European tour. January 14, 2018 – Dillgin has announced that he will be joining fellow Jamaican artist, Olaf Blackwood, on his latest European tour, kicking off in March. The reggae singer, DJ and producer will grace stages across major European cities with Blackwood, who is the vocalist on one of 2017’s biggest international hits, I Need You. Dillgin’s invitation to join the “I Need You” tour follows a year in which he had his own runaway hit single. Still A Work entered a number of charts in Jamaica and across the Caribbean, and received heavy rotation on major radio stations, including Irie FM and RJR. The song was also a staple at a number of popular street parties, drawing major response from crowds whenever it was played at events such as “Uptown Mondays.” Dillgin, who is based in the United States, spent much of 2017 promoting the song, in light of its growing popularity in Jamaica and abroad. He was featured on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica and also did radio interviews. Dillgin also went on a short tour of Brazil, with stops in Brasilia, Salvador, and Sao Louis. The “I Need You” European tour is centered around the song of the same name, which garnered upwards of thirty million plays on Spotify in early 2017, not long after it was released. The track has also racked up over 14 million YouTube views to date. Written and produced by top-rated dance/electronic DJ, Armin Van Buuren, along with Fernando Garibay, who has written songs for Lady Gaga, the song features the smooth vocals of Olaf Blackwood. It has topped charts in a number of European countries, including Romania, and has reached platinum status. Like Dillgin, Olaf Blackwood is a Jamaican singer and DJ, who migrated to the United States to start over. The St. Elizabeth native has been living in California for over 10 years and has worked on several projects before finding major success with I Need You. Dillgin, who, in 2010, also migrated to California, previously found success as a deejay with the 2001 hit Cuss Cuss, featuring Mark Ice. He has also worn the hat of a producer, working on a number of hits for well-known reggae and dancehall artists, including Sizzla and Anthony B, and also owns his own record label, Wall Streetz Records. Dillgin’s addition to the “I Need You” European tour, alongside Olaf Blackwood, comes as the singer seeks to expand his fan base and spread his music to a wider market. The singer launched his debut album in 2017 and has promised to release new music in the New Year. About Dillgin Born and raised in Jamaica, Dillgin seeks to spread a message of love and hope with his music. He lists his musical influences as Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, and Garnett Silk. Contact information: Blaza Publicity Pearsley Thompson Office (347)858-1601 Email 9218 Ave M Brooklyn NY 11236

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