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Kefentse 1st Ready for More After Solid Year in Reggae Music Riding high on his comeback singles “The Specialist” and “I Like It,” Kefentse 1st spent much of 2017 reconnecting with his fan base and having his music introduced to new listeners. The reggae crooner, who has been in the music business for over 40 years, had his music listened to by thousands on SoundCloud, shared online through his EPK, and on social media via Blaza Music Group. In addition to “I Like It,” Kefentse 1st, whose real name is Michael Smith, was also flying high with other songs on the airwaves. Of note is “Forever Young,” for which he shot a music video, and “If a Change is Gonna Come,” a pulsating, thought-provoking track, which seems set to take off in the near future. But Kefentse 1st did not only make music behind the mic. The singer-songwriter, who is also a producer and co-owns Imperial Music Entertainment, saw his company play a big part behind the scenes in 2017. Of note is the Princess Idama song, “Jah Rastafari,” which saw Imperial Music Entertainment being credited with work on the music video for the song, along with Blaza Music Group. With other projects in the pipeline, Kefentse 1st seems set for big things in the New Year. All these achievements and what is on the horizon, comes as no surprise to the artist. He has honed his craft for years, having made a name for himself during his younger years, writing songs and performing in Jamaica and around the world. He gained public acclaim back in the 1970s when he performed an ad for a local literacy programme back then. He also helped form the group Super Classic with Michael Ranglin, along with Junior and Alton Smikle, back in the 1980s. Despite taking a break from the music scene to focus on his family, Kefentse 1st has come back with all guns blazing, recording soulful reggae tracks and helping other musicians in the business get their productions off the ground. After another successful year in the music business, the only way is up for Kefentse 1st. Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Web site

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