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  • Influencesjudy mowatt, marcia griffiths
  • Sounds Likejudy mowatt

Empress Idama Empowers Women with Blazing New Single July 29, 2018 – Popular reggae singer Empress Idama has released a song of empowerment for her female listeners and lovers of roots reggae. Titled Woman A Warrior, the soulful, meditative song was produced by DJ Golden Kid For Blaza Music Group/Mattex Entertainment and is being distributed by Zojak Worldwide. Woman A Warrior is poised to be the voice of those championing equality among the sexes with its captivating aura and delivery. Mixed over a thumping reggae beat, the song also appeals to music audiences who enjoy listening to potent cultural music for relaxation and to create a vibe. The song makes for easy listening but should invoke reflection with its thought-provoking message as it relates to stereotypical gender roles. It highlights the strength of the woman and promotes the thought process that women can do anything that men do, including bear arms, praise the almighty and be the proverbial warrior. It also shows off Idama’s honed skills as a songstress as she manages to temper the poignancy of the lyrics with her distinctly melodious vocals. Empress Idama’s new release is the latest to show off her vocal dexterity that has mellowed with the time she has spent in the music business. The singer, who is of Ethiopian descent, has been performing for decades. Her experience goes as far back as singing harmony for the late great Dennis Brown and as recently as performing at a show in Guyana featuring Chronixx. The singer has performed all over the world, including Africa, the Caribbean and North America. She credits her unique singing ability and longevity in the music business to her diverse background, which includes Jamaican roots, and her study of West African music. Her determination to succeed in music has seen her release a number of singles over the years, including Jah Rastafari and Life. With her sound rooted in African and Jamaican beats, Idama’s interpretation of cultural music promotes positivity and spirituality and appeals to a wide cross-section of listeners. With the release of Woman A Warrior, Empress Idama hopes to motivate and inspire women all over the world while entertaining music lovers in general. Since its release, Woman A Warrior has been gaining listeners online and is currently available for download. About Empress Idama Empress Idama is an Ethiopian reggae singer with roots in the U.S.A. and Jamaica. She compares her sound to Judy Mowatt and lists Marcia Griffiths among her influences.

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