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  • Sounds LikeBob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Ernest Wilson, Garnett Silk

Robert Bailey, aka Dillgin, was born and raised in Jamaica. Throughout the years, he has pursued his career as a singer, DJ, songwriter, and producer on his own label, Wall Streetz Records. As a producer, he produced many artists including Capelton "Never Get Down” and “Dutty Life", Beenie Man "Power and Shower", Sizzla "Buzz Rock Warrior", Anthony B. & The Mighty Diamonds "Pass The Kutchie”, and Luciano "Mystery Babylon", among many others. Dillgin's 2001 self-produced breakout single “Cuss Cuss”- featuring Mark Ice- was featured on VP Records Strictly The Best 27, and has taken him on tours throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and across the USA. Dillgin is the consummate performer and artiste. Dillgin’s music speaks to his goal of being an agent of change, using his music to spread a message of LOVE, TOLERANCE, PEACE, INSPIRATION and THE SUPPORT OF OTHERS. With a repertoire of original songs unparalleled only by few of the greats, he is also comfortable doing cover versions of songs that speak to him on a spiritual and emotional level adding his own unique flavor his experiences have wrought to whatever song he decides to draw from. Dillgin is constantly, tirelessly pushing himself to evolve as a person and as a musician. Dillgin can be found almost always in rehearsals or in the studio, when he isn’t off writing or performing. Relocating to California in 2010, Dillgin started over with a renewed focus on his music. He has opened for and collaborated with California Rock band, Urban Classics; consulted and worked with renowned musician Derrick Barnett, from Sagittarius and Statement Band; He also recorded with guitarist Aurelien Metsch of Wadada Music; and Producer Prynze of Paran Sounds, to complete his new album, New Day, that showcases his musical and spiritual evolution, as he give a very personal and uplifting insight into his struggles, determination, redemption, and commitment to the Most High, his family, his music, and his fans. Dillgin is poised to be a force to be reckoned with within the Reggae Music Industry. With a more mature, honed and sharpened sound, filled with emotion and notes from his life experiences, his authenticity and his unique ability to draw people in, to captivate audiences with his dynamism, emotion and talent, it is extremely hard to deny that Dillgin is about to take the world of Reggae Music by storm. Dillgin hopes his music will remove boundaries and build bridges regardless of race, color or religion, for people throughout the world delivering a message of LOVE and HOPE. Jah Bless

“Still A Work” Was a 2017 Anthem for Dillgin 2017 was arguably among the most progressive years for Jamaican reggae music in recent times. Several young stars and veterans put out songs that became staples on the airwaves and formed the soundtrack of daily life of reggae lovers at home and abroad. Perhaps one of the biggest winners for the period, in this regard, was Dillgin with his anthemic track “Still A Work.” In fact, “Still A Work” could easily rank as one of the songs of the year, especially as it relates to songs that were burning up the streets. The catchy and melodious track became a point of reference for many struggling to ‘make it’ and was a staple at street dances and parties for the entirety of 2017. It commanded ‘forwards’ and requests for ‘pull up’ (Jamaica’s version of asking for an encore) on many occasions. Top selectors, such as Boom Boom, kept spinning the song to satisfy the appetites of attendants to various sessions and street dances, including Uptown Mondays. But “Still A Work,” in 2017, was more than just a viral track on the streets. The song, which promotes a positive mindset amid adversities, was a catalyst for Dillgin’s trek back onto the charts and into the hearts and minds of reggae music lovers everywhere. With the song gaining consistent rotation on radio stations such as Irie FM, Dillgin acted on the momentum to drop his debut album, Million Miles. Continued demand for the song locally and abroad also spawned performances and tours for the artist, who is now based in California. Local appearances included his performance alongside Sanchez and Mr. Khool at the 2nd staging of his own show, “Jah Love is Shining.” The singer, who also wears the hat of producer, also performed his hit song and other tracks at Weddy Weddy, held at the Stone Love HQ. Dillgin also played the part of TV personality in 2017 when he hosted the VTX Top 10 Countdown on Hype TV, and he was the subject of a number of interviews. Internationally, Dillgin picked up on the good vibes emanating from “Still A Work,” particularly in the continent of South America where he kicked off a tour in Brazil at the start of summer and gained new fans. In addition to the impact on the streets, Dillgin was also a presence digitally, with his big tune spending time on several charts and racking up tens of thousands of views on YouTube. Dillgin built further on the momentum by putting out new music, launching the video for “Heart of Mine,” another fan favourite. With 2018 now well on its way, Dillgin is pleased with his 2017 achievements and is looking forward to an even bigger year. He believes his accomplishments are well-deserved, coming off a lull in his career a decade ago after making an impact earlier in his career. In his past, the talented musician crafted hit songs for some of reggae’s biggest stars, including Sizzla and Anthony B. A move to California in 2010 saw him starting all over again. The journey from rock bottom might have been long but Dillgin is now reaping the fruits of his hard work and is looking to step it up a notch with more music in the pipeline for his growing fan base. Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Web site Dillgin’s Music Comes of Age Years of hard work have finally paid off for Robert Bailey aka Dillgin. This after the California-based, veteran reggae artist had what can be regarded as one of his best years in music in 2017. A major hit song, interviews, television appearances, performances, and tours highlighted a rather busy period in the singer’s life. But all the recognition didn’t come overnight, the musician and producer has been on the comeback trail since 2010 when he moved from his native Jamaica to the United States to start over from scratch. Prior to his breakout year, Dillgin spent much of the time away from the scene laying the groundwork. This included transitioning from a deejay to a singjay and releasing singles, including “Shining” and “Weed and Wheat” in 2014. Dillgin also performed in Panama and embarked on a summer promotional tour to Europe in 2016. In addition to putting out new songs and music videos, Dillgin was also working on his other skill – producing songs – albeit under his own Wall Streetz Records label. An album was also in the works, a long-awaited debut which he launched in May 2017 just when his single “Still A Work” started blowing up big on radio and in street dances. The momentum has intensified ever since, resulting in a whirlwind year for Dillgin. A year-in-review published by the artist’s handlers has revealed a number of achievements, highlighting the singer’s dominant year in the music business. They include “Still A Work” being one of the most rotated songs on stations such as Irie FM, and the song’s accompanying video attracting thousands of daily views on YouTube. The song also became a staple at many stage shows and street dances in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. He admits to getting a lot of ‘forwards’ and hoots of approval from partygoers whenever he performed “Still A Work” and other hits. The growing popularity of the song and Dillgin’s music on a whole also saw the artist appearing on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica, doing interviews on RJR and Hitz FM, and hosting a countdown show on Hype TV. The year was also characterized by increased performances, with Dillgin exciting the crowd at Weddy Weddy, held at Stone Love HQ, as well as his own show, “Jah Love is Shining,” where he performed alongside Sanchez and others. As it relates to touring, the reggae star accepted an invitation to tour Brazil and he reportedly had a successful experience, meeting new fans and recording with Brazilian reggae artists in the process. Dillgin’s windfall is not new. The artist enjoyed some time in the headlines back in 2001 with the song “Cuss Cuss,” which featured Mark Ice. He also has major credits as the producer of hit songs from reggae and dancehall stalwarts such as Beenie Man, Sizzla, and Anthony B. A stalwart in his own right, Dillgin continues to put out new music, including his latest single, “Heart of Mine,” and has several new projects lined up. For 2018, the singer is working towards an even more exceptional year in music. Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Web site Dillgin Review: Artist Scores Stellar Year in Reggae Music Top Jamaican sound system selectors know the hit songs that get the crowds excited. Picture the typical, grandstanding selector/DJ building up the crowd with commentary – often depicting the Jamaican way of living – as a prelude to the next song on the playlist, which when played, results in a climax of rapturous applause, vuvuzelas blaring, and even the clanging of pot covers. That has become the customary scene at several party locations across Jamaica whenever the rootsy number “Still a Work” by Dillgin has been played. With many of these sessions including a large percentage of the younger demography, many of whom are there to take in songs from hardcore dancehall DJs currently lighting up the local music scene, it’s nothing short of what can be referred to as a ‘good look’ for the veteran artist, who is also a DJ and producer. Moments like these have actually become quite regular for Dillgin’s music over the past year. In fact, it would be safe to say that the singer, who grew up in Jamaica, has had a whirlwind year so far, and looks set to take the momentum into 2018. From interviews and tours to new video releases and a debut album, the singer and his music have been buzzing non-stop in the streets and on the airwaves. Dillgin began the year where he left off in 2016, promoting his new song and upcoming album. In February, the Jamaica/California-based act hosted the 2nd staging of his local concert, “Jah Love is Shining,” featuring Mr. Khool and Sanchez. With airplay growing for “Still a Work” on many popular radio stations in Jamaica, the Caribbean and as far as Europe, Dillgin looked forward to the launch of his debut album, Million Miles. The launching took place at Lost On Main nightclub in Chico, California on April 28. It was a resounding success and saw patrons receiving personal Dillgin lighters and signed photos, among other memorabilia. By June, Dillgin was off on another major tour – this time to Brazil, South America – giving a good showing of himself and making new fans in the process. His hit single, “Still a Work” now on everyone’s lips and racking up thousands of views weekly on YouTube, Dillgin followed it up with the release of another music video for the song “Heart of Mine” in July. Much of Summer 2017 saw the singer hitting the streets of Jamaica to promote his music. In addition to doing an interview with RJR and making an appearance with the Million Miles Band on Smile Jamaica – TVJ, Dillgin also hosted HYPE TV’s VTX Top 10 Countdown and performed at Weddy Weddy at the Stone Love HQ. He has also been making the rounds at various street dances, including Uptown Mondays and Boasy Tuesdays. Right now, “Still a Work” is on the playlist of the top sound system selectors, including Boom Boom, who has electrified the crowds at Uptown Mondays with the song on numerous occasions. If nothing else, Dillgin has regained his status as one of reggae music’s brightest stars. This, after fading from the airwaves and migrating to California back in 2010, to start all over. After spending some time in rebuilding mode, it’s safe to say Dillgin’s back in the mix. Having produced hit songs for the likes of Beenie Man, Sizzla and Anthony B, among others, it seems as if it’s his time to shine, and he’s making the most of it. Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Web site

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