Artist: Dan i-J
Album: New Beginning
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DAN IJ THE CYNOSURE FOR NEW GENERATION REGGAE MUSIC: RELEASE OF NEW BEGINNING Reggae music has just gotten better with the release of a new music video by Dan Ij. New beginning released under the production of Michael Jeffery of Lyfe Productions by the revolutionary reggae artiste, Dan Ij is unarguably the best thing to happen to the reggae music genre lovers in the year. The song is released in the wake of the need to rebrand the reggae music genre and the good thing is that Dan Ij has championed a good course in the rejuvenation of the music brand. Good music is identified with good content which is well packaged for the listening and viewing pleasure of the audience and in the song new beginning by Dan Ij, the rudiments of good music are not lacking. The content of the song is healing to the soul and appealing to the hearing senses. The song as shot by Blaza Visionz is a total embodiment of good music. The video was shot in a people scenery, well costumed and adequately sharp video resolution. The video employs a combination of day and night scenes to complement the message of the song. In all, the video is adjudged a combination of brain and healing words to make the absolutely good music. The testimonials for the video speaks well as the video posted on youTube ( has well over 6000 views in less than 2 weeks of release. The facebook fan page here further testifies to the good music as lovers of the genre of music have showered accolades on Dan Ij for the new release. It is crystal clear that the future of reggae music is in the hands of the new generation artiste of the genre, and it is unequivocally clear that Dan Ij has commenced the process on the right path. The artiste employs the services of the most prolific producers in the industry to portray his healing music talents in the reggae genre. Contact Person: zebe thompson blaza publicity ph(347)858-1601

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