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Joseph’s Quote,” also known as “Bello” – all the same person – a multi-talented, versatile, conscious lyricist and vocalist making a name for himself on the R&B and Reggae scenes, not only here in Atlanta, but across the country and as far away as Europe. This singing sensation, born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, migrated to Bronx, NY at age 14. He honed his craft in New York, California and Florida, and now he is back in Jamaica pursuing his musical career to the next level. Joseph’s Quote says he took his stage name from the biblical character, Joseph, who he says is very much like him talented, kind, loving and humble. He decided on a musical career as far back as age five when he proclaimed that he wanted to be a “star”. Both his mother and grandmother were singers and he says his whole family is musical. Bello’s early musical influences were Mahalia Jackson, Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond and The great Bob Marley. He credits Earl Moody of Moody’s Records and Tapes in New York City as the person who introduced him to the business, putting him into a record store, then a recording studio at the tender age of 14. Joseph’s Quote knows the business of selling records and has been selling records even before his first recording was released. Music has been an integral part of Quote’s life from his early years. He sang in school and church choir to shape and hone his voice and craft. From there he progressed in doing background vocals for such harmonies as Trevor Sparks and The Meditations in writing songs for various artists including DJ (Reggae rapper) Shawnie Ranks. His career led him to leave the Bronx for California, where he wrote and sung background vocals on different studio projects. In short order he returned in New York and did the single “Can You Give Me What I Want” with Sheline Thomas on industry veteran Phillip Stuart’s Tanya label- which did well on the British pop charts and was also a New York City favorite. Joseph’s Quote is now working on, not one , but two albums- the first – a reggae format and the second an R&B format are slated to be released later this year. “I’m not new as a lyricist, because I was a lyricist before I was ever a singer. My writing over the years has been developed and will be showcased in my songs. After all, a song is only as good as the lyrics. I am a musician and a songwriter. I am not new at all.” He says his “songs” deal with people’s everyday lives and he hopes his music will “feed, inspire and give hope.” “It has always been a dream of mine to hit the European charts and master it and I’m hoping for great things from both these albums,” Joseph’s Quote said. The names of the albums have not yet been decided but Joseph’s Quote admits he has a preference. “I want to call it “Where is Mr. Brown?” after one of my songs, ‘Mr. Brown is the kindest person in the world.’ He is almost like the Almighty and being that we need Him right now in these times, I am asking, ‘Where is Mr. Brown?’ with that kindness and the love? Use that perspective and give the people something to look forward to,” Joseph’s Quote said. There is no doubt that this talented, versatile artist with his unique style and sensibility will have a major impact on the music landscape around the world in the near future. Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Web site

Bello Sings “Blood In The City” Amidst Rising Crime and Violence in Jamaica January 24, 2018 – Budding reggae artist, Bello, also known as Joseph’s Quote, has responded to the issue of growing crime and violence in the land of his birth by releasing a song. The track is called “Blood In The City” and was produced by Golden Kid of Blaza Music Group. Mixed over an old school reggae beat, the song speaks about the widespread occurrences of violence, many of which have made the daily news. Bello’s fiery but melodic delivery allows the commentary to be easy to digest by music listeners as he talks about the proliferation of guns in the city and the impact on the nation’s youth. “Blood In The City,” while highlighting the realities of violence, promotes a message of positivity. “Blood In The City” represents Bello’s latest efforts to connect with the local market and grow his fan base. The US-based artist has been spending more time in Jamaica in recent times as he works on his upcoming reggae album. Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Bello migrated to the United States at the age of 14 but says he has wanted to do music since the age of five. Music runs in the artist’s family, with his mother and grandmother having been singers. Growing up in the states of New York, Florida, and California, the singer has been honing his craft by singing on the church choir and in school, as well as spending time in the studio. He has done background vocals for acts such as Trevor Sparks and the Meditations, and has also written songs for a number of artists, including Shawnie Ranks. Majoring in both reggae and R&B, Bello has put out a number of singles. They include “Can You Give Me What I Want,” featuring Sheline Thomas, which spent some time on the British pop charts and also did well in the New York area. In addition to his upcoming reggae album, Bello has confirmed that he is working on an R&B album as well and hopes to spread his music, not just locally, but also to the wider European market. “It has always been a dream of mine to hit the European charts and master it and I’m hoping for great things from both these albums,” he said. With the release of “Blood In The City,” Bello is playing his part in helping to promote consciousness and positivity through music. The song is currently gaining traction online and among local reggae music lovers. About Bello Also known as Joseph’s Quote, Bello is a multi-talented, versatile, and conscious lyricist and vocalist, making a name for himself on the R&B and Reggae scenes. Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Website

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