Artist: Allan Kerfew
Album: You're My Lady
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  • InfluencesDennis Brown, Bob Marley
  • Sounds LikeWailers, Third World

Allan Kerfew is basically a relative newcomer on the international recording scene, even though he has been in the business for quite a while. Put it this way, if you frequent the local club scenes in the various Brooklyn, New York, neighborhoods, chances are you might have caught him on stage one time or the other. He has been paying his dues and gaining experience for some time now. Situation is his second album in a career spanning thirty plus year! With his new approach to go international, Kerfew has teamed up with ace musician and arranger Laurence Lewis for Situation. Offering a delightful fray of "big people music" Kerfew and Lewis have selected some safe and unforgettable standard s- songs that have been covered by various Reggae artist over the years. "Help Me Make it Through The Night" "I’d Love you to Want Me" "Sunday Morning" "MR. Bojangles" and the John Holt penned "My Best Girl" –are among the selections that are given the Allan Kerfew’s treatment, and are coupled with some outstanding originals like "Situation" "Foreign Life" "Cool it Amigo" and "sunshine of My Life" – which demonstrate the visionary writing skills of this veteran singer songwriter. I especially like his interpretation of Kris Kristofferson’s "Sunday Morning". Things seem to be working out well for Allan Kerfew. Situation is resonating with the mature record buying public and radio listeners, who are causing the remixed single "My Best Girl" with Bigga Haitian, to be getting massive airplay and have generated chart action on the New York Top 30 chart. The track "Mr. Bojangles" has also entered the chart –giving Kerfew two entries (not bad for an older new comer.) In Addition, Situation has also entered the album compilation of said chart. After over thirty years of banging on the doors of the music industry, Allan Kerfew is finally getting the attention he works so hard for. Allan Kerfew is working on his third album, which will be in stores shortly. The bottom line? Don’t give up on your dreams and let no own steal your joy! Media Contact -Pearsley Thompson (Blaza Publicity) office:(347)858-1601 Web site

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Blaza Visionz Produces Third Official Music Video for Artist Allan Kerfew The New York based Blaza Music Group has thrown its support behind the veteran singer in his thrust to breakout internationally. – Blaza Music Group through its film company, Blaza Visionz, recently produced the third music video for Allan Kerfew for the song “Time Is The Master.” Shot in various locations across New York City, the video was launched on YouTube via the Blaza Visionz channel and has already garnered several hundred views since it was published on June 14. With Kerfew’s music increasing in popularity in recent times, the shooting of the new video is considered a timely move to help spread awareness about the rising reggae singer’s talent. Kerfew’s manager, Zebe Thompson, who is also the CEO of Blaza Music Group, was instrumental in the creation and concept of the music video, which was shot in high definition for the best quality. The video features an interesting and relatable storyline to reflect the underlying message of “Time Is The Master.” In addition to promoting positive energy and good vibes, the video also features a laid back party mood and the musical coming together of people who are enjoying themselves. Blaza Visionz also incorporated several actors to add more drama and character to the video, making it an engaging 7-minute watch. Allan Kerfew was pleased with the outcome of his third official music video and believes it will help to take his career to albums, Kerfew has been on the rise and gaining fans along the way. Blaza Music Group provides expertise in the areas of music and video production, social media management, and marketing for a number of established and upcoming artists. The shooting of the music video for Kerfew comes as the artiste extends his fan-base among vintage music lovers while catching the attention of several industry players. watch About Blaza Music Group Blaza Music Group is a record label and media company, offering a range of services to local and overseas acts in a number of popular genres, including Reggae and Hip Hop. Contact information: Zebe Thompson -(347) 858-1601

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